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· system introduction

this system is according to the military specifications 181 requirements for design, can be applied to electrical equipment voltage rush test.

 the system's main function is to produce peak voltage signal, it can in a minute period to be measured equipments imposed 100 positive and negative polarities variations of voltage peak signal, simultaneously also may exert, on a single equipment every kind of work manner, or performance testing. Meanwhile, the system has the real-time peak voltage peak display and rush peak voltage adjustable advantages.

 this system mainly by the control and display circuit, voltage trigger circuit and main circuit of three parts. Control and display circuit is mainly composed of microprocessor, A/D converters, digital display driver and power supply module composition and the completion of main circuit module control and voltage measurement and display. Voltage trigger modules of the system is to provide controllable shift to drive main circuit pulse SCR reliable work, in realizing closed-loop adjusting voltage, and it has feedback loop, and control the main circuit generates a steady adjustable dc voltage. Main circuit module function is to produce a desired input dc voltage and produce peak voltage signal and main circuit module of the preamp for single-phase bridge type half controlled rectifier circuit and filter circuits, Subsequent level for commutation circuit and rush generating circuit.





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